More than 1000 students in 18 Moore County public schools were served. Among them were two High Schools, five Middle Schools and eleven Elementary Schools.

  1. More than 1000 children were assisted in the 2018-2019 Moore County school year. Many among these children arrived at school without having eaten a recent meal. What SSA does is provide emergency food snacks to the school which are kept safe until distributed to hungry children by school social workers and designated staff. Food items provided by SSA include pop tarts, protein bars, crackers, fruit cups, microwaveable meals, bottled water, and juices - all for children who are underfed.

  2. SSA Operations Director Mike Branscome made deliveries to 18 Moore County public schools during the 2018-2019 school year. These schools were visited several times.

  3. SSA’s primary contacts in schools are the social workers and school counselors. With regular communication, the school staff helps SSA replenish an inventory of snacks at the schools. Often, too, school system staff members are alerted to a special need situation by a classroom teacher and they, the social workers and counsellors, are discerning and reliable in informing SSA about critical special needs.

  4. SSA meets emergency needs quickly; often within twenty-four hours after we have been asked for help. Examples of special needs met by SSA include providing shoes, socks, underwear, coats, and other items for needy school children.

  5. In 2018, SSA operated on a sound financial footing and raised about $16,000 in cash donations in addition to equally valuable food donations. Strong financial controls are in place with professional oversight provided generously by Moore County tax advisors. These professionals help keep SSA records accurate, timely and in compliance with the IRS code for nonprofit organizations designated 501(c)(3).

  6. In 2018, organizational Bylaws were written, adopted and updated.