Summer Review

Even though most school children are away from their assigned public schools during summer months, hunger and other critical needs are always present in many young lives.

  1. Director Jimmy Schneider worked with the Boys and Girls Club of Southern Pines to provide emergency nutrition items during the summer.

  2. In August, SSA participated in a planning meeting with the Dr. Seth Powers, Director for Student Support Services and his team of Moore County social workers.

  3. Investment management executive and Moore County resident Tom Velevis joined the SSA Board of Directors as Treasurer.


Seventeen Moore County public schools have been visited and provided items since the school year began. Many of the schools have been visited several times.

More than a dozen churches regularly support the SSA program and ministry. Parishioners and congregants at the churches continue to donate snacks which are collected by SSA and given to school personnel to give to children in need. Cash gifts continue to be a vital source for accomplishing the mission. During SSA purchased the following items with funds given by our generous supporters:

  • Blankets and pillows for a family that lost almost everything in the storm
  • Clothes for a kindergarten child who was wearing clothes two sizes to small
  • Underwear for young children
  • Food for families in need
  • Laundry detergent for family whose children need to wash their clothes
  • Hygiene items for children such as soap, tooth paste and toothbrushes
  • Space heaters for at least four families
  • Sheets and towels for families affected by storms
  • A well pump for a family where the grandfather is raising his grandchildren
  • Numerous pairs of shoes and socks
  • A trunk for a middle school student to protect his personal things
  • Several coats for children who needed coats